About Us

Welcome to Shoujo Investigation!

We’re three Asian drama enthusiasts from Singapore, and this is where we collect our shoujo feels and discuss about dramas/manga/stories (with a focus on romance).

Inspired by our intense conversation and discussion on dramas from common cliches, character types and quality of romantic comedies, we decided to finally create this platform to publish the ideas and thoughts that we had on the topics.

Here and on our Tumblr platform, we post our reviews and commentaries on romance dramas.

On our Tumblr blog where we are more active on, we also reblog posts of romance-centric dramas we are familiar with or like. and we also make our own gifs and graphics posted there.

Topics that we hope to discuss include:

  • Most Common Drama Tropes
  • Male Lead Tropes
  • Drama Reviews/Commentaries
  • Drama/Manga Recommendations
  • Opinions on Phenomenon in Dramas/Manga


Our MyDrama List Profiles

Admin JY / Admin JL / Admin SY

Stick around and join us in the drama feels~!


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