Starting Up

Hey there world,

Welcome to the new Shoujo Investigation blog!

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Inspired by intense conversation and discussion with my friends on dramas from common cliches, character types and quality of romantic comedies, I decided to finally embark on the creation of this platform to publish the ideas and thoughts that we had on the topics.

Topics that I hope to write about and discuss include:

  • Most Common Drama Tropes
  • Male Lead Tropes
  • Drama Reviews/Commentaries
  • Drama/Manga Recommendations
  • Opinions on Phenomenon in Dramas/Manga

In addition, there will be some original designs for Shoujo Investigation made by me posted here and of course some pictures and visuals dedicated to the various dramas discussed etc. More visual content will likely be offered on the Tumblr platform!

Of course, this being a one-man show for now, hopefully I’ll still be able to motivate myself to churn out articles on a more regular basis even if this is for more personal reference and exploration.

For anyone actually interested, please stick around and support Shoujo Investigation! Or give me suggestions on how to improve it further!

Much love,

~ Jerna (@jernahorizon)